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Course Descriptions

This is a listing of the courses offered through the CSUB Golden Three Online program for international students, with the number of associated credit hours beside the course name. Please note: Course descriptions are subject to change. Refer to the CSU Bakersfield Course Catalog for the most up-to-date information.

Synchronous Courses

Each of the CSUB Golden Three courses will require some set meeting times during daytime hours (U.S. Pacific Time). Please keep this in mind when making your decision to enroll. 

COMM 1008 – Strategies of Public Communication (3)
(offered synchronously)
An introduction to public speaking and communication studies. Emphasis is placed on increasing the student’s understanding of theory relating to the practice and criticism of public speaking, improvement of the student’s public speaking and critical thinking skills, and an understanding of library research skills.  

ENGL 1109 – Writing and Research (3)
(offered synchronously)
Practice in expository writing, focusing on the college research paper. Includes instruction and assignments in critical reading, writing, and research with a focus on purpose, audience, occasion, and tone.

MATH 2200 – Introduction to Statistical Concepts and Methods (4)
(offered mostly synchronously – meeting frequency will vary by section)
This course is an introduction to statistical methods which stresses the development of critical thinking skills and increased awareness of how these methods are applied in a variety of disciplines. It is designed to give students a foundation for further study of statistics. Topics include: descriptive statistics, sampling and experimentation, confidence intervals, two-sample hypothesis tests for means, topics in categorical data analysis, and simple linear regression. Additional topics may include one way and two-way ANOVA for completely randomized designs. This course will emphasize the statistical reasoning underlying the methods and make use of the program R. 

PHIL 1019 – Critical Thinking (3)
(offered synchronously)
This course is designed to develop critical thinking skills related to the analysis and evaluation of arguments. It involves analysis and criticism of deductive and inductive reasoning; an understanding of justification and evidence; and identification of fallacious arguments in various areas of inquiry.


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